tree house pastry shop and cafe
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Tree House Lunch

The menu at Tree House is based on what's fresh and available from small farms in the area around Santa Fe. Each day, we have a number of specials in addition to our "regular offerings." What's below is a good example of what you'll find on the menu at Tree House.

DEEP DISH QUICHE - three inches deep with market veggies, cheese and an herbed crust. served with salsa on top.
a la carte 9.95
with salad 12.95

TEMPEH WRAP - marinated tempeh in a large tortilla with hummus, seasonal veggies, lentils & sprouts. (GF)
a la carte 8.95
with salad 10.95

FARMER'S MARKET SALAD - something different each day based on availability of seasonal ingredients. (GF)
half 5.95
full 11.95

BIRDHOUSE BURGER - tree house's famous veggie burger made with brown rice, black beans, beets, carrots, potatoes & nuts. served with chile pesto, cheddar cheese & garlic yogurt aioli. spicy! (GF)
a la carte 9.95
with salad 12.95

LUNCH BURRITO - black beans, brown rice, seasonal veggies, pepper jack, sprouts& salsa. smothered in red chile and served with a side salad. (GF)

THAI COCONUT BASIL CURRY - with brown rice and seasonal veggies (GF)

(GF) indicates items that are or can be made available gluten free

Tree House's deservedly famous Birdhouse Burger is made just for you from brown rice, black beans, beets, carrots, potatoes & nuts.