tree house pastry shop and cafe
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Featured Farms

Since its inception, Tree House has based its menu on the offerings of local farms, and we continue to hold supporting and growing the local agricultural economy as part of our core beliefs. In the summer months, we obtain nearly 95% of our ingredients from local farms, and even in the winter months, our menu is based largely on what's available locally. We 're also a proud participant in the Farm to Table's Farm to Restaurant program, and have been since its inception by the Santa Fe Alliance. We believe that a strong community begins with what we eat.

Here are some of the farms whose products we routinely serve:

  • Gemini Farm
  • The Succulent Garden
  • Sungreen Sprouts
  • Synergia Ranch
  • Heidi's Raspberry Farm
  • Santa Cruz Farm
  • Mr. G's
  • Green Tractor Farm
  • Eve's Farm
  • Del Valle Pecans
  • Sangre de Cristo Wheat Growers Cooperative
  • Rasband Dairy

Cosmo from Gemini Farm and his gorgeous radishes.